Candid Conversation is a mentoring program started by myself, Brittany Wrenn. This program looks to team up with schools to work with young women and girls about different issues and challenges they face throughout life. The program looks to work with junior high, high school & college age girls. There will be a pilot school chosen in either the Fall of 2011or Winter of 2012.

Although this program is highly run online right now, we are in the start up process and will be looking to expand offline as well in the near future. The program will run a 9 month partnership with local schools while having interactive events throughout the school year on weekends or after school functions. In the summer, there will be a main event that will highlight & reward the girls who participate in the program during the school year. Ongoing interaction is encouraged throughout the entire year through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and the blog on WordPress. Although this program takes place in Illinois, ANYONE is welcome to participate in Candid Conversation by interacting with us online. πŸ™‚

Young women face many obstacles and challenges throughout their life and this program creates an opportunity to freely and openly express who you are without feeling the pressure of society, parents, and teachers. The goal is to guide young women in the right direction while at the same time letting them find their path in life.

I am a graduate of Illinois State University. This is where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Communication with a minor in Psychology. Throughout my many internships and freelance work, I have built a strong resume and portfolio of creative and interactive work. I have now taken my life experiences and turned them in to a mentoring program for young women. I also have 5 sisters of all ages ranging from junior high to college which have contributed to the desire to start this program.

I am excited to grow & expand, all the while meeting and talking with all our participants! Feel free to contact me at any time through the blog, or by email at candidconvo@yahoo.com. Since this is in the start up process right now, keep your eye out for the many changes and improvements to come with more opportunities to interact online!

Become a Candi Girl!
What does it take to be a Candi Girl? Take part in listening, learning, and basically just having good old-fashion girl talk! Young women go through a lot in life and this blog is a place where you can express what you’re going through.


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  1. hey! i really appreciated ur blog n absolutely LOVED your theme πŸ™‚
    gr8 goin πŸ™‚
    m yet a new blogger on wordpress.. just a week.. not many posts but it would b gr8 if v became blogging buddies πŸ™‚

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