A Woman’s Worth

A few posts I’ve seen recently have inspired me to write. My blog is intended to empower young woman and give them strength and guidance throughout different stages of life. I know that growing up can be difficult. I’ve been through a lot. And everything I’ve been through has taught me something. Although you may not realize it at the time, the experiences you have will help you along the way…if you let them.

Today let’s talk about low self-esteem and feeling worthless. A lot of women go through a time in their life that they have low self-esteem and may not feel “worthy” of happiness. In those times, just remember you ARE entitled to a happy life. You just have to work through the hard times to get there. I always leaned on family and friends to help me through tough times. However, If you don’t have anyone you can trust or confide in, then keep a journal! Letting out your thoughts and feelings will help more than you realize. It’s important to find healthy ways to get through tough times because it will teach you how to handle difficult situations later on in life. I remember the first time I went through something extremely painful, I thought my life was over. I remember thinking, “how am I ever going to get through this?” But with the support of my family and friends and trust in God, I realized that life does go on and the pain will go away over time.

If you ever feel as though your world is “over”, please remember that it is important to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Even though you think they “won’t understand”, chances are they’ve had a similar experience to yours. And if they haven’t, the people that love and care about you will surround you and do anything to help you through it. One day you will look back at the hard times you went through and realize that it taught you something and helped mold who you are. Making an effort to get through tough times will possibly help someone else one day because you can say “you’ve been there” or understand how painful certain things in life can feel. You may not understand at the time why something bad is happening to you or how you will get through it, you just have to have faith that there is a reason this is happening in your life and it’s not to ultimately break you, it’s to make you stronger.

Strength is holding it together when everybody else is sure you’re going to fall apart.

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