Candi Girls

The Candid Conversation Project is something that allows young women to share their dreams, fears, thoughts, accomplishments, and anything else on their minds with me and their peers. I know how life can be growing up as a young woman in this society and I am here to share my experience and offer my guidance to you.

Today let’s talk about why I chose to call all you girls involved in the Candid Conversation Project “Candi Girls”. Well…when you think about it, candy is something that you have to open to get to the inner sweetness and innocence of each individual piece. This project is about opening up, feeling vulnerable enough to share your innermost thoughts & feelings. Every young woman has individuality, just like every individually wrapped piece of candy, that may be guarded by the every day pressures of society. With the Candid Conversation project, you are safe to express who you really are, what you really want out of life and not feel pressured to mask that due to what society says you have to be.

Society makes all of us think we should be one certain way. I’m here to embrace you all as the individuals you are and let you know that I have been there too. I invite you to jump on board and share in the experience of becoming a Candi Girl.

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