Every Beginning is Another Beginnings End…

At some point or another, we’ll all meet an end to something. Whether that’s school, a job, friendships, romantic relationships, or the loss of a loved one. This end can seem dark, sad, lonely or even as though life will never be the same. This all may be true, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get past it, it just means there are other things in store for you.

I have experienced loss in all of the mentioned areas above. I never used to believe I took change well, however, the more I live and the more experience I gain, I realize that change isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just a new beginning. If you look at change or loss like this, then it may be easier to get through.

Through my experience, I realize that loss of a friendship or romantic relationship can be hard and leave you feeling a little broken, but let your self feel those emotions. Don’t hold your feelings in. Talk with friends or write your feelings down. Either way, choosing a healthy outlet to vent will help you cope with the change and in turn make you look at why this could be a positive thing in your life. Although you may have love for that person, he or she may not have been the right person for you….and that’s OK. If someone is bringing you down negatively or does not bring out the best in you, there will be someone out there who will respect you and embrace who you are. If you are both bringing out the best in each other, that’s a healthy relationship.

“Surround yourself with positive people who motivate and encourage you. You will find this makes you live a happier and more positive life.”

My Mom always told me that if you can’t find a job when you’re looking or maybe you’re laid off….there is something out there for you, it just hasn’t happened yet. The more experiences I have, the more I realize patience is key. Although you may feel anxious to work somewhere in particular or you wonder why the job you had didn’t work out, don’t give up! Keep up the hustle and apply to jobs, find ways to gain experience while you wait, and network as much as possible. Your opportunity will come, it’s just a matter of when God says it’s time for you to receive it.

“Go above & beyond what you think you need to do. Greatness is found in pushing your limits & never giving up.” #TDL.

The hardest loss anyone can face is loss of a loved one. I have unfortunately experienced this and seen people experience this. This is something that can leave you feeling a terrible sense of emptiness. This is the time when you need to surround yourself with family and friends. This is also a time you need to pray. There may not be any answers and you may feel as though you need answer, but trust in God. He will guide you through the pain and heartache and show you the light. Life may not ever be the same, but this experience may lead you to places you never thought you’d go in life and it may end up helping someone’s life along the way.

“When things don’t go your way, remember they are going God’s way. Which is always better for you than your way… you just may not realize it at the time.” #TDL

Regardless of any sort of change or loss we go through, if you remember that every beginning is another beginnings end, you will realize that life is ever-changing and behind the brick wall of pain you feel at the end of something eventually there will be smooth path of happiness with a new beginning.

“Remain calm in the middle of the storm. Don’t give up, find the strength to stay the course!” #TDL

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