How do you see yourself?

No matter what you do in life, as a woman, you will feel pressure from society. You will likely want a quick fix that is either not realistic, dangerous, or just what it comes off as… a quick fix. Before you know it, you’ll be back to where you started wondering why you even tried that route in the first place! Although some people come off as the type to not worry about their weight, looks, or personality, I can almost guarantee at some point in their life they have struggled with one of these things.

Growing up, girls compare themselves to the models who grace the pages of their teen magazines, watch TV, movies and listen to music all with celebrities trying to keep their image a certain way. Although society “claims” that they want women to have a healthy body image, and magazines “claim” to put “real, every day” girls in them, that’s not always the case. Reality is, those women are the minority when it comes to body image. Most women do not have legs for days and 6 pack abs. However, it is these images that drive girls to drastic measures.

Anorexia, bulimia, and extreme diets are all very real issues with more young women than most people would think. I have always wanted a quick fix when it comes to getting in shape, not unlike most people, however, I have always been well-informed that this is no way to live. That in reality, this does more harm than good in the long run. I have had my days….months….years…..that I’ve felt great about myself. On the flip side, I’ve had the same when it comes to wanting to change something about myself. This website is about being real, honest, and open and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I have thought about extreme diets, plastic surgery, or other “quick fixes”. I have struggled with wanting to change something about myself and not knowing what route to take. One thing that helps me through these times of wanting a quick fix is reminding myself that I’ll be more proud of myself if I don’t take a diet pill or not eat right. If you are a religious person at all, pray for strength to not give in to these temptations that could be harmful to your body. Have faith that God will give you guidance and strength to make the right decision.

I know being a teenage girl can seem difficult. Your body is not what you may want it to be. However, as you grow up, you’ll find that if you stay active and watch what you eat, you’ll have a healthy, beautiful body that’s just right for you. You have to remember that what you see in magazines and on TV is not what you should strive to look like. A lot more celebrities use quick fixes like plastic surgery and diet pills than most teenage girls realize. This is where the problem lies. These celebrities are often times not truthful about how they’ve attained the look they have until much later after they’ve fought the battle and lost the war. It takes someone to hit rock bottom most of the time for them to realize that they’re doing something wrong. Don’t put yourself in this situation just to look a “certain” way.

When you’re feeling down about your body image, personality or looks in general, confide in friends and family that will listen and provide honest, healthy feedback. Remember that just because you see someone who has a look you may want, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. God made you just the way you’re supposed to be. There’s a reason for that….embrace it and embrace yourself for just who you are. Living a healthy life with regular exercise and healthy eating habits will make you feel better in the long run.

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