Makeover Mondays

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I didn’t have time to blog my usual ‘Tanning Tuesday, Workout Wednesday or even Fabulous Friday’! I like to take on a lot of projects, however, I’m realizing that maybe I need to slow down a little bit. Being ambitious can get overwhelming if you don’t take time to stop and smell the roses!

That being said….this Monday is: Makeover Your Schedule.

A lot of times people take on more and more work and it can be more than the person can actually handle. They may not realize it at the time, but eventually all the “catch up work” will prove that there are too many projects at one time. Here are my top 3 tips to staying organized while remaining ambitious!

1. Choose two projects to work on at a time. Some people may say only choose one, however, I need something to work on while I’m taking a break from working on the other project! If you do not like to multi-task, chances are you won’t have the problem of taking on too many projects in the first place. Therefore, this post is targeted toward those of us who think we can do it all at once! If you work 40 hours a week like myself, taking on two projects should not be too overwhelming if you space them out. Do not expect to finish these projects in a week. In fact, expect to take your time on them before moving on to the next set of projects. (Sidenote: If you have projects that need to get done immediately, work on one at a time until they are finished, once those are out of the way, pick some projects that you can take your time with).

2. Pick Projects That You Will Enjoy. Having a hobby is always a good way to  spend spare time. A lot of times people enjoy doing something as a hobby, but they let “life” get in the way. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself going about your day to day activities without taking time for yourself. We all have felt as if there is not enough time in the day, however, we have to make time, even if it’s only 10 minutes! Pick a couple things that you like to do outside of work: i.e. workout, read, paint, etc. Whenever you have a few minutes to yourself, take out you pencil and pad of paper and start to doodle, or designate a specific time each day that you will spend reading a chapter in your favorite book. Doing these small things each day will keep you connected to the things you love while at the same time not taking over your entire day!

3. Stay Patient. A lot of times when people get excited about a new project, they want to get it done quickly. Remember that if you remain patient, chances are the project will turn out better than if you rush through it. A great idea is very exciting, but it’s even more exciting to see the project complete and be all that you imagined it would be. When we are busy, it feels like we will never get anything else done unless we rush through it, however, if you take your time and work on it a little bit each day, you will find that it is more fulfilling once the project is complete because you enjoyed the process rather than rushed through it.

Remember that it is healthy to do things for yourself. Yes, jobs, kids, day-to-day life in general take up time, however, if you use these tips to makeover your schedule, you will find that it feels good to take even just a few minutes to yourself! #happyscheduling 🙂

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