Tanning Tuesdays

Once again it’s time for Tanning Tuesdays. The days just seem to fly by, don’t they? As I’m prepping for my April trip to Vegas with three of my best girl friends, I realize that I need to have a base tan before I hit the pool in the Vegas weather. Not only do I need to up my tanning game, but I need to restock on my self tanning products at home.

I usually like to go tanning a couple days a week just to keep a nice even glow, but before Vegas, I’m going for a nice, dark tan. In order to keep my tan I swear by two products: Jergens Natural Glow body (and face) lotion & Caress Glowing Touch body wash. Everyday I shower with Glowing Touch body wash, then moisturize with Natural Glow body & face lotion. Using these two products help sustain my tan and therefore, I don’t have to lay under the harmful UV rays as much. (Side note: when tanning under UV rays, always make sure to use a lotion with SPF!)

If you have fair skin and don’t think you can tan, try using these two products for a week or two and I’m sure you’ll see results. I have recommended these products to a few of my friends who didn’t think they could get a tan, and sure enough after about a week straight of using the lotion as their daily moisturizer, they saw results. Jergens makes this lotion for fair, medium and tan skin types. You can also buy the separate bottle of face lotion if you have sensitive skin like me.

In order to get the dark base tan that I’m striving for before Vegas, I’ll tan about 3 days a week, shower with the body wash and continue to use Natural Glow as my daily moisturizer. About a week before I go, I’ll buy either Jergens Natural Glow Express or L’Oreal Sublime Bronze towelettes. I have used both of these and tend to lean a little more toward the towelettes, but I do like them both. Using these a few days before I leave will boost my tan without having to go to the tanning salon and I can even bring them with me to use while I’m there. Before using any kind of self-tanner, make sure to put regular lotion on your ankles, knees, and elbows. This will prevent darker spots around those areas. (Side note: these are also both good products to use before a special occasion to give yourself a little extra tan— but remember.. test it out before the special day, you want to make sure you have the right color first!)

These tips will help you get a great looking tan started for the spring time! Even if you don’t tan at a salon, the lotions and body wash, with a kick of the towelettes will create a sun-kissed glow that you’re sure to love!

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