Tanning Tuesdays

Yes, it’s another Tanning Tuesday! As the summer approaches, it’s exciting to think all things beach, pool, bikini, flip flops, sundresses, sunglasses…and of course our gorgeous tans! Remember, although you may not naturally get a tan, you can achieve color by using tinted lotions or body washes. You can get the natural glow you’re looking for with out having to worry about stocking up on Aloe Vera from the nasty “burn” you got.

Today I’m going to talk about once you’ve achieved that base tan you’re looking for.

Once you’re ready to face the bronzed babes at the beach without feeling like Casper, you should think about how you’re going to compliment that beautiful tan of yours! We all know that certain colors enhance certain features. Well, the same goes for when you have a tan. Bright colors make your tan pop! Whites, pinks, orange, yellow, bright blue or green. These are all colors that will make your tan stand out. Try to stay away from pale colors… summer is one of the only times of year you can experiment with lots of different fun, bright colors!

Obviously the standard “go-to” swim suit is plain black. Every girl should have one, just like a little black dress, however, black swim suits don’t always bring out your tan. One thing they will help with though is to get a tan! Dark colors absorb the heat and will likely help you achieve a darker tan while hanging out at the pool or beach!

Which ever way you decide to go, my advice would be this: If you want to achieve a darker tan, go with the darker swim suit, if you want to compliment the tan you already have, choose a bright color! #happytanning 😉

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