Tanning Tuesdays

One of my favorite things to do that helps me relax and unwind is tanning. Whether it’s sitting outside on a nice day, by the beach, in a tanning bed, spray tan, or self tanner at home… I know the ins and outs of perfecting a natural glow all year long. This is why I’m dedicating Tuesdays to tanning 😉

Every Tuesday I’ll give you a review of a product, tips, or advice. If you have any questions, just ask, and if you want me to talk about something specific…let me know!

Sol Search: indoor tanning lotion.

This is the current tanning lotion I am using. I brought this product about 2-3 months ago and I still have plenty left. I do not go tanning every day, so if you do, the amount left in the bottle (if any) after 2-3 months could be different than mine. I bought this lotion because I got a discount from the tanning salon I go to. On a regular basis, I would not buy such an expensive tanning lotion…but any time I get a deal on a better lotion, I take it! I would suggest this to any of you that may be given the opportunity to invest in a better lotion. In my experience…the better the lotion, the better the tan! AND…the safer the skin.

This new lotion for 2011 has a formula made up of the following:

  • RejuvaDark Bronzing Blend
  • Happy Hour Skin Fusion
  • Bamboo Extract
  • Body Perfecting Blend
  • Sensational Skincare
  • ‘Day at the beach’ Fragrance
  • Retail price normally over $60.

RejuvaDark is a new formula in 2011. It is an advanced combination of melanin enhancers, natural extracts, and tan-activators that instantly infuse bronze results that continue to darken.

When I decided to buy this lotion, I was excited to see the results of the RejuvaDark, while at the same time being skeptical. After the first use of the lotion I knew I loved it. My skin felt so silky and soft after I got out of the tanning bed and the smell of the lotion was much nicer than some other lotions I’ve used. After continuous use of this product I realized that I did notice bronzing results that continue to darken. Also, as usual, the next day my tan is even better 🙂 I would recommend this product to anyone that can afford it or if you catch a deal, grab it! If you tend to spend less money on tanning products, I’ll highlight more products on more Tuesdays to come. (Will include outdoor and self tanning products).

Today’s Recommendation: If you like to tan often, tan every other day. You will actually see better results this way.
Happy Tanning! 🙂

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