Summer [dress] Lovin’

Summer is here and while we’ve all tucked away our long-sleeved shirts and knee high boots, it can still be a struggle to find something comfortable to wear in the summer heat. Enter: the summer dress. Classic, comfortable, and cool. This should be a staple in every girls closet.

As I teared down my sweatshirts & packed away my winter clothes, I realized that I have a lot more summer dresses then I thought. It was then that I decided this would be my “go to” piece of clothing this summer. Although I’ve always been a fan of the summer dress, I’ve never noticed how prominent it is in my closet every year. This is why, my advice to you this hot & humid summer is….stock up on as many summer dresses as you can. Why, you ask? Well…here are a few reasons.

– They give you room to move. A summer dress is possibly one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing.
– You can dress them up or down! (Day or Night)
– They keep you cool in the summer heat.
– They’re cute 🙂
– There are many different styles for all shapes and sizes.

That being said, you should always keep three different types of summer dresses in your closet.

1. The Maxi: You can dress this up or down and it just might be the most comfortable of them all!
Maxi Summer Dress

2. The short length (strapless and/or with straps)
: This dress is always a “go to” piece. You can wear this just about anywhere and you can dress it up or down. I recommend bright colors and often times go for the plain dresses. This way you can accessorize with fun jewelery and purses. If you’re not big on accessories, then look in to getting a print on the dress, they have lots of beautiful bright, floral prints out this season.
Short Dress

3. The Kimono: This dress is great for a couple reasons. As women, if we feel a little self-conscious about showing our “arms” or don’t want to wear anything too revealing…this is a good way to stay cool and cute in the summer time. Although the Kimono comes in short & Maxi styles, I would recommend going with the short style if you’re going to be wearing sleeves in the summer heat.

Remember: You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your summer dress wardrobe. Try stores like Plato’s Closet, Forever 21, Target, Walmart, H&M…and hey, even check out your local Goodwill. You never know what hidden treasures you’ll find!

Whatever style you may choose, it’s important to feel confident in the clothes you wear. You ARE beautiful…and you deserve to feel that way 🙂


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