Shoe History…What’s Yours?

In a tribute to my love for shoes…let’s take a walk down memory lane! I’m sure at some point in your life you had a pair of shoes you LOVED to wear. You wanted to wear them everywhere and you wore them until the soles were no longer existent.

When I was talking with my sister yesterday she told me that she found jelly shoes at the store & bought my niece a pink pair that light up on the bottom when she walks. I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s an improvement from the jelly shoes we had as kids”. Apparently she has found he new favorite shoe. My sister told me she wants to wear them everywhere declaring “I love my new shoes Mommy”. How adorable 🙂 It makes me reminisce on different shoes I had throughout the years and whether or not they are best to stay buried in the past.

Jelly Shoes
Jelly Shoes

Colorful, fun, and…sort of painful, actually! My sister & I loved these shoes growing up and owned a few different pairs, however, I do seem to remember that they would leave marks in your feet because they were kind of tight. According to the “new” jelly shoes my niece now has, there is improvement in the “room to move” department. Now the little ones can run around in good old fashion jelly shoes without feeling the pain of beauty! Save that for the stiletto heels you’ll be wearing later in life girls 😉

Verdict: These can stay in the past…or at least leave it to the little ones!

Looney Tunes Converse

Converse shoes never really “went away”, they’re still popular today and even have clothes and accessories in addition to shoes. However, when I was in middle school, they came out with limited edition Looney Tunes designs. Every one had a pair whether it was Tweety Bird, Taz, Sylvester or the whole gang. The shoes came with different colored backgrounds with one or two of the characters on the side. There was one style that was multi-colored with all the characters on the shoes. These were a favorite of mine!

Verdict: Leave in the past, but with fond memories!

The Adidas Gym Shoe

Back when I was in junior high, everyone was wearing Adidas gym shoes. Not only did I have a pair, but I had a pair of suede Adidas gym shoes. Oh yes, we’re talking fashion here people. Although these may not be the most “stylish” for a girl to wear these days, they were very popular when I was younger. Not only were they the “cool” shoe to have, but they were comfortable and durable. They’re good quality shoes & usually reasonably priced.

Adidas is a brand that will never go out of style. Although the style may change for people…Adidas will always be around with shoes, clothes, sports gear, any much more!

Verdict: We can keep these….just maybe not the suede…


OK… so these were popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I owned quite a few pairs and have to say that at the time…I loved these shoes. I loved the convenience of slipping them on and have them sort of dress an outfit up, but still keep it casual if you didn’t want to be too dressy. I had clogs in all different colors & wore them all the time. I have to say…this is one trend I don’t think I’ll be going back to.

Verdict: RIP Clogs.

Now a days I stick with a basic heel or sandal heel for work & rock anything from cute summer sandals, heels, or boots outside of work. I wear gym shoes on occasion, but prefer to leave those to working out.

As always, remember to find a bargain when shopping when shoes or any other piece of clothing or accessory. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a shoe just for the “name” if you can find the same one for a cheaper price.

Be a smart shopper!

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