Stuck in a Rut??

Do everything in your power to get your self out of it! Don’t just sit there and remain stuck… don’t listen to other people putting doubt in your mind. If you believe you can do something, keep telling yourself that it is possible. The only way to get to your end goal is by pushing yourself through the hardship, the doubt and the fear of failure. The only way anyone else can stop you to getting where you want to be is by letting them influence your thoughts. Any time someone puts doubt in your mind, give yourself a reason why it is possible.

Use your resources and support systems to help you figure out the best way to reach your goal and always remember that believing in yourself is the very thing that will help you succeed.

La Bella Vita

The Beautiful Life…in Italian. It’s a beautiful saying with a beautiful meaning. People always use quote this saying, but do people really live by it? So many times someone settles in to another life or another situation that was not what they initially wanted…it wasn’t their dream. Why is it that people don’t chase their dreams more often?

I know the day to day grind can get in the way of things… But in my opinion going out & chasing down your dreams won’t leave you dreaming anymore. You’ll feel as if you’ve done all you could and either you got there or you didn’t, but at least you tried! You never know where you will land along the way, maybe it will lead you to your new dream, a true love, a family, an inspiring situation or person. What ever your “dream path” leads you to its sure to leave you feeling as though you didn’t just “settle”.

So what are you waiting for…. Go out there and go for your dreams… Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t!

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.” – the pursuit of happiness

Writer’s Block

What makes a writer…a writer??

I’ve been having a bad case of writer’s block lately, and this question recently came to mind. I’ve thought about this before, but never addressed it. So, since I’m in a slump and haven’t been writing…I figured I would take this question and roll with it. Maybe this will help me break the silence and start writing regularly again!

Nowadays, everyone is a writer. There are blogs, freelance writing opportunities, and almost anyone can write a book….even cheesy reality celebrities. I found this to be frustrating at times because in my eyes, it’s not fair to call yourself a writer or “best selling author” simply because you told someone your story and they wrote it for you…aka, having a ghost writer. In my opinion, a true writer forms their own ideas or has an idea pitched to them and they write the words themselves. You take the time to truly decide what words flow together and ultimately put together a story that you think readers will enjoy.

In the age of the internet, with blog sites every where, people can express their thoughts and opinions as freely as they would like. As long as their writing their own blog, they’ve become a writer. This is fine, and almost encouraging that so many people have decided to share their knowledge and interests with people of the “internet world”.

So while all this may be good & true… does this take away from the writing craft?? Now that every one is a writer in their own “right”, is it taken for granted?? Writing has been and always will be an art form. A true writer can paint a picture with words and capture the attention of any reader. It used to be that writing a book was a huge accomplishment that a writer worked very hard toward and ultimately was coined an author or novelist. With the use of the internet, most people can self-publish a book they think worthy of selling to the world or as mentioned above, a “reality TV celebrity” can hire someone to listen to them talk and become an author.

While it is nice to know writing as become such a beloved past time, I think that, unfortunately, the ease of being able to get a book published these days has taken something away from the art of it all.

Am I alone in these thoughts?? I welcome any feedback 🙂

Life Changes, Friendships Change

Growing up comes with a lot of different challenges. One of which being once you’re out of college and it’s time to learn how to juggle your new career, family time, relationships, friendships, having a social life, and still sneaking in the “me” time you should have every now and then.

Through these changes you may find that some relationships will drift and others will be tested…all the while having some never change. This is one of the hardest things to cope with because growing up, friends are such a major part of your life that you almost can’t picture it without them. You try new styles together, share your deepest secrets and dreams together and you support each other through it all. These are the people you talk to when you don’t know how to handle your parents or siblings, when you have relationship problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the people that never judge you because they love you faults and all. So when you start to run in to a little thing called adult “life”, you find yourself reminiscing on how things used to be. When your friends were just a short distance away and you could count on them for anything. It’s then that you start to realize what friendships will stay and what friendships will go. It’s a sad process to go through to feel like you might lose a friend that has been such a major part of your life for so many years. So how do you deal with this? First, there’s a few things you have to think of. Is this person still a positive person to have in your life? Are they still uplifting and supportive? If not, you might have to reevaluate the friendship and if it’s even healthy to still be connected to this person. You also have to think about whether or not this person is trying to keep the friendship alive…do you both want to keep the relationship going? You see… most people maintain their family relationships due to just that…being family & you love them and everyone wants to take care of their personal romantic relationships because you love the person. So why not take care of your friendships? The people need attention and support just like your other relationships.

When you run in to a time where you might have that first fall out because of all the changes going on, don’t jump right in and start fighting with your friend. Sit back and think about what’s going on first. Decide between the two descriptions we talked about above & move forward from there. Consult a family member or your significant other if you feel you need extra support. Once you feel ready to confront your friend, do it in a neutral environment. If you can meet, make sure you are both ready and willing to talk things through. If you don’t have the ability to meet face to face, write out an email first. Yes…we’re back to writing things out again! This will give you the opportunity to clearly state your point of view without interruptions. This will also allow your friend to respond the way they need to. Once you both have received the emails, make a time to talk on the phone or meet face to face. This will be the next step in the process of mending the relationship. You both need to understand where the other one is coming from and realize that although things may be different, you still want to have that friendship you’ve cherished for so long.

Another part in the process of growing up and accepting accepting your friends new life. As you get older, you start to form your own family and your own life in general and that may be different from that of you friends. This is OK… you do not need to be on the exact same path as each other. Let your friend know you support him/her and that you want nothing but the best for them. This is important because you want to let your friends know you are still there for them no matter what… even if you’re not living the same life or even living in the same city. Another thing that is KEY is keeping the relationship alive is making sure you BOTH contact each other on a regular basis. People get busy and consumed in their own lives and one person is always expecting the other to call or email and then it ends up that no one does. Don’t always wait to hear from your friend…call or email them first. Text just to say hi, I was thinking about you! Something as simple as that will let your friend know that you’re still there.

Nothing is worse than losing a good friend, and as we all know good friends are hard to come by just as most good things are in life. So cherish the times you have with the ones you love and treat all your relationships with as much importance as you would want someone to treat you.

Life Lessons: Acceptance

One of the things I’ve come to love most about life is the lessons I learn along the way. Most of them are usually hard lessons to learn….because let’s face it, usually the right decision or path in life is not always the easiest. However, every time I was faced with a decision, although it may have been hard… it always ended up being worth it. That being said…life lessons are something that are important and you should hold dear to you because you never know when someone will need a bit of advice from you that relates to their life.

That being said, a recent life lesson I’ve learned is ‘Acceptance’. This may seem like a “common sense” type of lesson, but in reality it’s something that people can easily take for granted. With your friends and family comes a lot of different personalities and characteristics. This also pertains to your work environment. When these different personalities collide, it can be hard to get along or understand why someone is the way they are. People tend to compare other people to themselves. That’s why…if someone is different than you, you may think they’re “weird” or “annoying”. This is common for young people to do because they haven’t quite learned how to accept someone for who they are. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean that they are “abnormal”, it just means they are their own, individual person.

Learning to accept who someone is can come in to full affect when you live with someone. Sharing a living space means everyone is in close quarters, and this can get overwhelming at times. Although the people living together may have differences, there are still ways to learn to live with them. If something bothers you that the person does, let them know that it bothers you and tell them a way they can help fix it. Let them know that you are open to hearing feedback from them as well. Don’t have this conversation when you are angry or frustrated because it may come off as disrespectful or rude. Chances are, if you’re living with this person, you care about them, so you don’t want to taint the relationship by saying something that could hurt their feelings. Even if you have just recently met the person (like a new roommate in college), you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot or live with frustration because you two don’t get along.

Once you learn to accept who the person is and that chances are…you’re not going to change them…you will probably get along much better and be able to live a little easier. One thing people tend to forget is that no one is perfect…and everyone is different. If everyone was the same as each other, we would live in a pretty boring world! Being around and getting to know different people will help you grow & learn new things….so try to embrace everyone you meet with open arms….you never know how someone may change your life. 🙂

Shoe History…What’s Yours?

In a tribute to my love for shoes…let’s take a walk down memory lane! I’m sure at some point in your life you had a pair of shoes you LOVED to wear. You wanted to wear them everywhere and you wore them until the soles were no longer existent.

When I was talking with my sister yesterday she told me that she found jelly shoes at the store & bought my niece a pink pair that light up on the bottom when she walks. I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s an improvement from the jelly shoes we had as kids”. Apparently she has found he new favorite shoe. My sister told me she wants to wear them everywhere declaring “I love my new shoes Mommy”. How adorable 🙂 It makes me reminisce on different shoes I had throughout the years and whether or not they are best to stay buried in the past.

Jelly Shoes
Jelly Shoes

Colorful, fun, and…sort of painful, actually! My sister & I loved these shoes growing up and owned a few different pairs, however, I do seem to remember that they would leave marks in your feet because they were kind of tight. According to the “new” jelly shoes my niece now has, there is improvement in the “room to move” department. Now the little ones can run around in good old fashion jelly shoes without feeling the pain of beauty! Save that for the stiletto heels you’ll be wearing later in life girls 😉

Verdict: These can stay in the past…or at least leave it to the little ones!

Looney Tunes Converse

Converse shoes never really “went away”, they’re still popular today and even have clothes and accessories in addition to shoes. However, when I was in middle school, they came out with limited edition Looney Tunes designs. Every one had a pair whether it was Tweety Bird, Taz, Sylvester or the whole gang. The shoes came with different colored backgrounds with one or two of the characters on the side. There was one style that was multi-colored with all the characters on the shoes. These were a favorite of mine!

Verdict: Leave in the past, but with fond memories!

The Adidas Gym Shoe

Back when I was in junior high, everyone was wearing Adidas gym shoes. Not only did I have a pair, but I had a pair of suede Adidas gym shoes. Oh yes, we’re talking fashion here people. Although these may not be the most “stylish” for a girl to wear these days, they were very popular when I was younger. Not only were they the “cool” shoe to have, but they were comfortable and durable. They’re good quality shoes & usually reasonably priced.

Adidas is a brand that will never go out of style. Although the style may change for people…Adidas will always be around with shoes, clothes, sports gear, any much more!

Verdict: We can keep these….just maybe not the suede…


OK… so these were popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I owned quite a few pairs and have to say that at the time…I loved these shoes. I loved the convenience of slipping them on and have them sort of dress an outfit up, but still keep it casual if you didn’t want to be too dressy. I had clogs in all different colors & wore them all the time. I have to say…this is one trend I don’t think I’ll be going back to.

Verdict: RIP Clogs.

Now a days I stick with a basic heel or sandal heel for work & rock anything from cute summer sandals, heels, or boots outside of work. I wear gym shoes on occasion, but prefer to leave those to working out.

As always, remember to find a bargain when shopping when shoes or any other piece of clothing or accessory. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a shoe just for the “name” if you can find the same one for a cheaper price.

Be a smart shopper!


There are many different personalities in the world…and there are many times those different personalities clash. Have you ever worked with, lived with or were friends with someone you didn’t quite see eye to eye with? I have…and through all those times, I’ve learned how I am in those situations and I’ve tried & am still trying to act appropriately according to the situation.

I’ve learned that when someone bothers you, makes you upset or frustrated, that you need to remove yourself from that situation. Let yourself be mad. There’s no reason to keep everything bottled up…it will just end up exploding at the wrong time. That usually only makes the situation worse…and of course, it won’t really make you feel any better. When you remove yourself from the situation you allow yourself to cool off & have some time to reflect on what happened. Once you feel that you are no longer bothered by the situation, you can talk to or be around that person again.

Although stepping away from a situation is always helpful, you will need to address what bothers you at some point or another. If you do not talk about what has bothered you, it may continue happening and could potentially harm the relationship. If you feel too overwhelmed to talk with the person because you don’t know what to say… write it out first. You will notice in my posts that I recommend to write things out first and this is because this is something I’ve done throughout my life and I have found that it helps me sort my thoughts and prepare for what may be a difficult conversation.

Once you write out what you would like to say, read over it and see if there are any changes you could make. The first draft may be a bit mean..but that’s ok, because it’s better to get it out on paper than yelling at the person you will be talking to. After you feel that you are comfortable with what you want to say, approach the person and ask if you can talk. Pick a good time so that you both have time to hear each other out and say what you need to say. This way the problem can actually get resolved and you both can move forward with a healthy relationship.

If ever in doubt, talk things over with a friend or family member first, someone that’s not involved in the situation. Feel out their advice and what they have to say about it. If the issue is too personal to discuss, stick to the “writing it out” method. This will help you decide how it will be best to handle the situation. Regardless, it will be better once you address the issue, it is worth a shot at least!

How To: Enjoy the lazy days of summer

“Summer, Summer, Summer time…time to sit back & unwind”.  As Will Smith likes to sing in his summer time song, it’s a time to relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer. However, there can be times you find yourself with nothing to do & no where to go. How do you fill these days? Well, as long as you keep an open mind… you will find fun things to do in the summer time and the ideas I’m going to give you will be relatively cheap.

Check out your local festivities.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is check out local music/movie/food festivals in my area. If you look on your local city or town website, there will be an ‘Events Calendar’ outlining what is going on in the months to come. This is a good way to enjoy the nice weather outside while listening to good music, trying good food and spending quality time with friends and family. There may be an entry fee for a music festival, but a lot of times movie festivals are free. Trying out the food & drinks at a food festival may cost you a little bit of money, but usually you can pay a set rate for a certain amount of tickets which will allow you to try some different foods. If you’re lucky you may find all free festivals in your area and be able to enjoy as many as you want! 🙂

Hang out by water!

Another one of my favorite things to do in the summer is hang out by water. Whether it’s a pool or a beach, I love to lounge outdoors. When the sun is shining and you have some free time, grab some friends or family and hit a local pool or beach. The good news is, this is a cheap way to spend your time. If you don’t belong to your local pool it’s OK because buying a day pass is not usually over $10 depending on the pool and on your location. Factor in a drink & snack while you’re there and you’re looking at around $20 for the day.

If you want to go to the beach instead or it just so happens to be more convenient in your location, this can either be a free day of fun or simply paying for the parking spot which can be anywhere from $5-$15 for the day. Pack a cooler full of snacks & water, grab your friends or family and enjoy a day in the sun! (Don’t forget the SPF so you don’t burn!)

Yes, the above activities might take some money or a way to get there, so if you don’t have a ride & you don’t have any money…be creative at home! Here are some ideas for just that….

– Have a fashion show. Get some fun clothes together to make new outfits, find fun hairstyles to try out, and put a little makeup on!

– Have a picnic outside.

– Have your own summer party. Put on some music & your bathing suit! Make some lemonade & hang out outside.

For more ideas, you can always look online…but remember, we spent all Winter indoors…it’s time to take advantage of the Summer time weather and find fun things to do outside!

#soakupthesun 🙂

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Sometimes when you want to explain something to someone, it’s better to do it in a few words, rather than a lot. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t know how to explain it, so you “over explain” what you’re trying to say?

What I do if I’m in that situation is first write a letter. Once you’ve looked over the letter a couple times & made any necessary changes. You can decide from here if you want to give the person the letter or speak to them in person. If you still feel like speaking to the person face to face is the best option, having written the letter first will help you have a plan.

Although sometimes it is necessary to have a long sit down conversation, like I said before…it’s not always the best way to go about things. Sometimes a simple explanation of what is going through your mind is all that needs to be said.

But always remember one thing:

tomorrow is never promised today, so always say what you need to say